Figure 4.

H2AR29me2 is enriched at genes repressed by protein arginine methyltransferase (PRMT)6. (A) H2AR29me2 was found to be enriched in less accessible chromatin fractions. Kinetic of micrococcal digestion of chromatin [28]. Kinetic of micrococcal digestion of chromatin [28] is shown. The abundance of the indicated histones modifications in the fractions was tested by western blotting with specific antibodies. (B) PRMT6 was overexpressed in HEK293 cells. Expression levels of the indicated genes were measured by real-time PCR and normalized to β-actin. The relative expression of the normalized genes in control and PRMT6-overexpressing cells was quantified using the ΔCt method, and the resulting relative quantification (RQ) values were plotted in a bar graph on a logarithmic scale. The cross indicates genes not expressed in HEK293 (GEO: record GSE11892; [20]). (C) Chromatin immunoprecipitation assay with H2AR29me2 antibody. Purified DNA from immunoprecipitated chromatin fragments from HEK293 cells was amplified by real-time PCR with specific primer sets for indicated gene promoters (see Additional file 6, Table S1). The enrichment of precipitated chromatin relative to an intergenic region was determined and plotted in a bar graph. Error (standard deviation) bars are shown.

Waldmann et al. Epigenetics & Chromatin 2011 4:11   doi:10.1186/1756-8935-4-11
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