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Figure S2 - Purification and immunoprecipitation of the different protein arginine methyltransferases (PRMTs). (A) Immunoprecipitation of Flag-hemagglutinin (HA)-tagged PRMTs from stable cell lines with HA-specific antibodies. Western blots with HA antibodies are shown. Control for Figure 2A (B) Immunofluorescence with Flag-specific antibody of stable cell lines expressing Flag-HA PRMTs showing the localisation of the PRMTs. A merged view with 4',6-diamidino-2-phenylindole (DAPI) in blue and Flag signal in green is shown on the right. (C) Histone methyltransferase assay of the immunoprecipitated Flag-HA PRMTs using 2 μg myelin basic protein (MBP) shows that HA-Flag PRMTs 1, 3, 5, 6, 7 and 8 are active. (Upper panel) Autoradiography; (bottom panel) Coomassie stain (shown as loading control).

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Waldmann et al. Epigenetics & Chromatin 2011 4:11   doi:10.1186/1756-8935-4-11